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About Us

VL is independent of large media corporations or other bodies. It is wholly owned and operated on a shoestring by unpaid volunteer community members, with a mix of political views (and none). It is a loose organisation whose members rarely all meet in person (usually at Xmas). Mostly due to time limitations, we tend to work independently, making up our jobs and consulting with each other by email or phone about new developments or changes as we go along.

Please read the terms of use.


Mission Statement

Our aim is to develop a locally-based Internet Site which will:

  • Be useful
  • Encourage and support local talent and initiatives and the development of an online community.
  • Reflect and respond to the diverse interests and needs of local people.
  • Provide an essential guide to the area for visitors, potential visitors and newcomers, or those just wanting more info.
  • Promote Lancaster & Morecambe (UK) accurately to the world, to stimulate interest and opportunities and new possibilities that benefit all. We are unique.

Our objectives have changed over time; internet service developments over the last 20 years have made our classified section redundant, praise be! Our objectives are:

  • To create a functional and informative portal to the area, with both the local community and visitors in mind.
  • To provide a free and independent platform to represent the genuine interests of local people.
  • To create and maintain comprehensive listings of forthcoming events and attractions in the local area.
  • To showcase the community and celebrate the creativity of local people.

There is always more that can be done. We will continue to work toward these aims and objectives to keep bringing you the definitive guide and online resource for Lancaster & Morecambe (UK) and the surrounding area.

Thank you for your interest.
The Virtual-Lancaster Team